Student Protection Policy.

We believe with proper education, students will be more likely to break the cycle of poverty, live healthier lives, mature socially and psychologically, contribute to their nation and be future leaders in their society. We want to serve our students holistically, and this includes keeping them safe. All visitors and users of this platform must abide by the policies set forth herein. The violation of any of these terms will result in immediate action in accordance with the Indonesian law.

Personal Information
Parents of LBB Recipients are well informed about the program and have signed a consent form authorizing YPPH to use their child’s photo, basic information (name, age, grade and school) and story on our website and other digital platforms. We do so with thoughtful consideration of the safety and privacy of the children.

  1. You must have the permission of LBB to publicize any information and images of students on public platforms.
  2. You may not use any photo or information of students for commercial purposes or for your own benefit in any way form
  3. We do not and will not provide the personal address of any student.

Interaction with Students
We are thankful for your partnership in this mission and understand that many of you will want to pursue a relationship with the students you support. However, we will always look out for the best interest of the students entrusted to us, so benefactors and recipients must not interact via social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, messaging applications, etc.

Visiting Students
Benefactors are not allowed to visit supported students.

Giving Gifts
You are advised to not give cash or gift to the child or their family.