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From the shores of Nias to the deep mountain of Papua, we serve children throughout Indonesia despite their economic background.

Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH) since 1998

SLH Gunung Agung (K1 – S12)
Number of students: 322
Number of teachers: 24
SLH Gunung Agung was the first SLH in Indonesia, built in a remote area in the region of Tulang Bawang, Lampung. Hundreds of young people in Lampung have had the opportunity to experience holistic quality education at the school.
SLH Jati Agung (P7 – S12)
Number of students: 251
Number of teachers: 20
Sekolah Lentera Harapan was the second school to open in Lampung, this time in Jati Agung. YPPH increased access to good quality education for the underprivileged children in this area.
SLH Sekampung (P7 – S12)
Number of students: 88
Number of teachers: 8
Driven by the need for holistic quality education in another area of Lampung, the third SLH was established in Sekampung.
SLH Banjar Agung (S7 - S12)
Number of students: 511
Number of teachers: 39
The fourth SLH was established in Banjar Agung, North Lampung. This school is among the fastest growing schools in the area.
SLH Way Pangubuan (P7 – S12)
Number of students: 137
Number of teachers: 14
A growing need to provide access to quality education for the underprivileged children of Indonesia was evidenced by the addition of SLH at Way Pangubuan, Lampung.
SLH Gunung Sitoli Utara (P1 – S12)
Number of students: 566
Number of teachers: 37
During the tsunami in 2006, many Gunung Sitoli Utara students lost their parents and many schools were damaged. With the assistance of the Red Cross of Singapore, YPPH established SLH Gunung Sitoli Utara (Nias). Hundreds of Nias children have been blessed by the presence of this school. YPPH also provides a dormitory for teachers.
SLH-Curug (K1 – S12)
Number of students: 896
Number of teachers: 56
With the establishment of SLH at Curug in 2008, the younger generation in Tangerang have an opportunity to experience Christian education that brings them to know Christ. After starting with less than 100 students, in six years the school has grown to 800 students.
SLH Koja (K1 – P6)
Number of students: 222
Number of teachers: 17
SLH Koja was established in 2008 to answer the need for education for children living in the Koja area of North Jakarta. This effort has helped the local government achieve its target of offering nine years of compulsory education.
SLH Kampung Harapan, Papua (P1 – S11)
Number of students: 844
Number of teachers: 49
In cooperation with the local government of the Jayapura district, YPPH manages and operates two schools -- a primary school and a junior high school. There are also plans to develop a senior high school to provide quality education from primary through secondary in Papua.
SLH Kupang (K1 – S12)
Number of students: 1.149
Number of teachers: 73
Working in cooperation with Yupenkris, an educational foundation under the synod of the Gereja Masehi Injili in Timor, YPPH manages and operates three school units (primary, junior high and senior high) in two locations -- Bonipoi and Naikoten. Currently, SLH Kupang in Bonipoi (K1 – P6), which was a union of four primary schools, and SLH Naikoten (J 7 – S12) have developed into model schools in Kupang and the surrounding Nusa Tenggara Timur province.
SLH Ambon (P1 – S12)
Number of students: 706
Number of teachers: 41
In cooperation with Yayasan Dr. JB Sitanala (an educational foundation under the Gereja Protestan Maluku synod), YPPH manages and operates four schools -- two primary schools, one junior high school and one senior high school. YPPH is actively developing model schools for Ambon and the surrounding area.
SLH Toraja (P1 – S12)
Number of students: 1.025
Number of teachers: 61
YPPH manages and operates a junior high school and senior high school in beautiful, scenic Toraja. A primary school is being established at the same location as well as a teacher dormitory. This is in cooperation with Yayasan Perguruan Kristen Toraja (YPKT), an educational foundation under the Gereja Kristen Toraja synod.
SLH Tomohon (P1 – S12)
Number of students: 801
Number of teachers: 51
YPPH, in cooperation with Yayasan AZR Wenas, an educational institution under the synod of the Gereja Masehi in Minahasa, manages and operates the school, providing quality education in Tomohon and the surrounding area.
SLH Medan (K1 – S12)
Number of students: 714
Number of teachers: 47
Opened in 2012, SLH Medan quickly became one of the most respected schools in the Tembung area, half an hour from the city center. It also became a great blessing for Indonesian families in the area. Through SLH, parents are starting to understand the importance of quality education and the number of students at this site has grown rapidly.
SLH Mamit (K3 – P6)
Number of students: 209
Number of teachers: 19
Mamit is a remote village in the Tolikara district of Papua. Prior to the arrival of YPPH, there was a school in Mamit, but no teachers. SLH Mamit was established in 2013 and is operated by Yayasan Papua Harapan and supported by the GIDI church (Gereja Injili di Indonesia/The Evangelical Church of Indonesia). In the future, the school will include kindergarten through vocational high school to offer education to young people who will contribute in the community through education, healthcare and other economic activities.
SLH Palopo (P1 – S12)
Number of students: 583
Number of teachers: 38
In cooperation with Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Toraja, SLH Palopo was established in 2013. YPPH aims to improve the quality of holistic education in Palopo. There were 492 primary to senior high students in the school’s first academic year.
SLH Labuan Bajo (K1-K3, P1-P5, J7-J9)
Number of students: 227
Number of teachers: 15
Located close to the sanctuary of the only komodo dragons in the world, Labuan Bajo is a fishing town at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia. Through our founder’s initiative, the Labuan Bajo area is being developed through quality education and healthcare. Sekolah Lentera Harapan and the Siloam Hospital in Labuan Bajo were built in July 2016.
SLH Rote (K2 – P2)
Number of students: 88
Number of teachers: 6
Rote Ndao is one of the regencies in the East Nusa Tenggara province. As a developing regency, Rote Ndao needs good quality schools. SLH Rote was started in July 2016 in response to this need but exceeds it by providing quality holistic education which not only focuses on the cognitive aspect but also to the character and faith development of every student.
SLH Sangihe (K2 - S12)
Number of students: 470
Number of teachers: 35
The Yayasan took over the school from GMIST (Gereja Masehi Injili di Sangihe Talaud) in Sangihe in July 2016 and operate it as SLH Sangihe. This school uses the old school building but changed the curriculum and some of the teachers to be in line with YPPH standards.
SLH Karubaga (K3 – P3)
Number of students: 58
Number of teachers: 8
SLH Karubaga is located in the Tolikara regency and was established in July 2016. The population in Karubaga is around 6,000 and is mostly people from the Lani tribe who still make daily use of their Lani language. Most of them work as farmers, government employees, market vendors, and priests. SLH Karubaga is located near the city, however, this area is vulnerable to violence and tribal wars. The people still need clean water, electricity and internet to improve their quality of lives. Currently, SLH Karubaga is using the GIDI (Gereja Injili di Indonesia) church building for classes and a teachers’ dormitory.
SLH Daboto (P1 – P3)
Number of students: 48
Number of teachers: 5
SLH Daboto started in August 2016. The people in Daboto are of the Moi tribe and use the Moi language as their native language. The first challenge faced by YPPH was to teach the Moi about hygiene as they were afraid of water, believing there are spirits everywhere. Many men still wear “koteka” (a sheath made of gourd covering the genitals which is traditionally worn by native male inhabitants in Papua) with bare feet.
SLH Nalca (K3-P3)
Number of students: 89
Number of teachers: 9
SLH Nalca was established in August 2017, in the Yahukimo regency of interior Papua with limited facilities. In February 2018, the Yayasan brought electricity by solar panel to the village to support the teachers’ work and safety. Internet was provided by First Media to enable teachers to communicate and develop lessons. A Siloam Hospital clinic was set up using nursing students from Universitas Pelita Harapan’s nursing school.
SLH Korupun (K3-P2)
Number of students: 80
Number of teachers: 6
SLH Korupun, also in the Yahukimo district of interior Papua, is quickly developing. Daily school routines have been implemented as parents help their children with hygienic tasks before bringing them to school. Home room teachers incorporate daily devotions so the children learn about God in addition to their lessons. An established Siloam Hospital clinic gives health information to parents and students.
SLH Danowage (K3 – P2, Non formal)
Number of students: 19
Number of teachers: 5
Located in Danowage, in the Yaniruma district of interior Papua, this school is focusing on providing non-formal education to the Lani and Koroway tribes. The people lack many skills and nutrients. Most of them have skin diseases, malaria, diarrhea, and tuberculosis. They had no electricity, no telephone network, and no bathrooms. Teachers are training students to be polite and to interact well with the people around them. In January 2018, a Siloam Hospital clinic staffed by nurses was set up. Students received chicken pox vaccinations and are given vitamins every week.
= Kindergarten K1-K2 age 4-5.
= Primary grade 1-6 age 6-11.
= Junior High School grade 7-9 age 12-14.
= Senior High School grade 10-12 age 15-17.

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